Zahraniční spolupráce se školou v East Londonu v Jihoafrické republice

29.10.2017 22:44

Za Ekotým jsme poslali dopis do školy v Jihoafrické republice, která má zájem s námi spolupracovat:


Dear friends,

Our school would like to cooperate with you. We are interested in multiple topics: 1. Water, 2. Wastes, 3. Power, 4. School enviroment, 5. Transport, 6. Climate changesand 7. Biodiveristy. We are also involved in multiple education programs, for example program GLOBE. Our school has main interest in the topic of water. We are trying to find answers to the questions: How to use rainwater and how to save the drinking one? While solving the question about rainwater, we found many ways how to use it, we have chosen watering our schools vineyard and other plants, flushing toilets and the possibility of making a green roof. The other topic we are interested in is about wastes. At our school we have multiple containers for sorting all different types of trash (papers, plastics, used batteries and a container for other small unused electrical appliances). The next topic is about the school enviroment. Our team tries to improve not only the school background, but even its surroundings. Next to the school we have made a vineyard from which we make vine every year. We have also created an insect house which protects the insects. Our future plans are to create a relaxation area for students.

What could we expect from our cooperation? Exchaning advices, tips and ideas related to ecology and biology and by recognizing new ways of measuring. We would be interested knowing, what is your opinion about the topic of using rainwater and the topic of saving the drinking water, how you sort waste or how you do the measurements, eventually even about how you record the measured data.


Jiří Klep, Ecoteam, Gymnázium Kadaň